Charles Saliba - Hitsteria
Charles is a veteran broadcaster who has been on the scene for the past forty-four years. Although he has produced and presented a host of television programmes, he considers radio as his first love. Along with John Bundy and Jackie Bartolo he had presented Radio 101’s inaugural programme in 1991. For the past 15 years Charles has presented Hitsteria, a programme which is synonymous with a mix of current hits and golden oldies and interesting information. This programme is currently being aired Monday to Friday from 1300 to 1430 hrs.
George Galea - Boost!
From his childhood, George`s dream had always been to be in the box (as the Rediffusion set was commonly referred to in those days). At 15 years of age he already had his own mobile disco. However, his first experience of radio came with his participation in "Booster", a programme on the state radio aimed to attract new talents to the media. Following that, he had experience with Smash Radio, Radju MAS and Capital Radio before joining Radio 101 in 2000. Since then he presented various shows on the station and presently is doing the daily show Boost!, Monday to Friday from 2.30 to 4.30 p.m.
Eric Montfort - Fuzzbox, Country Music Club
Eric Montfort has been active in broadcasting for the past 34 years and has been with Radio 101since its beginning in 1991. He currently hosts Fuzzbox, a menagerie of multi-dimensional rock music, as well as Country Music Club, a programme which has given country music a new dimension among its avid Maltese followers. Eric can boast of three Malta Broadcasting Authority awards for his productions about Elvis Presley, Malta`s road to independence as well as a documentary series on George Borg Olivier, Malta`s former Prime Minister.
Joe Vella - 101 Weekend Breakfast & Sunday Music
Joe has been into broadcasting since 1989. He joined Media.Link in 2003 and has since produced and presented various programmes on Radio 101 and Net TV. He currently hosts the Sunday evening music programme Sunday Music and the Saturday morning Breakfast Show.
Joe Chetcuti - Marci u Bandalori
Joe started his career in broadcasting with RTK Radio in 1992 as a sports journalist. After a year he joined Radio 101 as an analyst of Italian football. He however found his true niche in 2001 when he started presenting his popular programme "Marci u Bandalori", which soon established itself as a much sought after programme by enthusiasts of the local traditional festas. Proof of this is the fact that the programme is still going strong after 13 years. Joe is also active in printed journalism as a regular contributor with his articles on festas in In-Nazzjon and Il-Mument.
Marbeck Spiteri - Magażin 101
Marbeck started her career at a very young age, presenting children’s programmes on radio and television. She joined Radio 101 in 1996 and has since presented many programmes. She has fond memories of Radio 101’s relocation from its original studios in San Gwann to Pieta’ as she was the first to go on air from there with the breakfast show Zveljarin. She currently produces and presents Magazine 101, a programme that gives her a lot of satisfaction, enlightening listeners on topics which are of general interest.
Charles Visanich - Sixties Music Club
Charles Visanich is a certified public accountant by profession having been involved in the tourism industry most of his working life. The sixties and seventies music and the relative music scene trivia is his area of specialization, which he avidly followed, having also lived in London for a spell at the end of the sixties.
Michael Bugeja - Fuzzbox & Rockna
Further to spells with other radio stations in the past, Michael has been presenting Fuzzbox on Radio 101 since 2009. In his Monday edition of this programme he blends popular tunes with music from lesser known bands, both local and international. He also produces and presents the Friday evening popular programme Rockna, dedicated entirely to the local music scene, which regularly features live and unplugged sessions by some of Malta`s top acts and upcoming artists.
Michael Treeby - Italomix
Michael has been at Radio 101 since its inception in 1991. He’s considered as the station’s expert on Italian music, ever so popular among Maltese listeners. Apart from being an avid follower of Italian music, Michael loves travelling, art and football, mainly Italian football. When not on radio, he earns his living by teaching.....guess what! The Italian language!
Monica Attard - Muzajk
Monica Attard is an established broadcaster and actress. She was one of the first broadcasters when Radio 101 was established in 1991. Her first programme was Network, which she presented every morning from Monday to Friday. Along the years she has presented and produced various other programmes. Currently she hosts the weekly cultural programme Muzajk on Saturday at 0830 hrs.
Noel Bartolo - Fidi u Hajja
Armed with a Masters Degree in Theology and Human Studies, Noel hosts Radio 101`s religious programme Fidi u Hajja every Sunday at 6 am. Born in Valletta in 1962, he joined Radio 101 in the mid nineties and has remained with the station ever since.
Sergio Carbonaro - Lura d-Dar & Skor
Sergio had started doing radio programmes in the early 90`s when he joined the then nascent Radio 101. After a stint at Bay Radio he returned to his first love three years ago and has since presented a host of radio programmes. Sergio feels that music helps him feel young. This is perhaps the reason why most of his selection consists of current hits.